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Out of our standard solutions we can supply steel buildings for many different purposes

More than 40 years experience included

LLENTAB have been producing multi-purpose steel buildings for more than 40 years. The experience we have gained over the years is now a built in part of our products. Thanks to our rational construction process, we can deliver specially designed solutions with maintained cost-efficiency and our high quality.

Take part in our know-how and competence

Collaborating with us at LLENTAB gives you a number of advantages. Besides all our resources and capabilities in planning, manufacturing and assembly, we can customize our buildings. All parts of the construction are prefabricated in our modern and efficient production-units in Europe. Since the whole assembly normally is done on site, it takes considerably less space in transport than other more conventional buildings. 

The steel buildings

Lately, we have also been making larger constructions - some of them really large. Our standardized steelbuildings can be supplied in many different designs, from small uninsulated storage halls to more complex industrial- and logistic buildings. They can be designed with pitched-roof or mono-pitched roof with roof slopes of 4, 7, 11, 14, 17 or 21 degrees. The width can, without center-pillar support, vary up to 65 meters. Wider halls are supplied with center-pillar supports. Because of our wide range of accessories: portals, doors, windows, colours and colour combinations, and the design of wall and roof materials, our standard steel building can be designed to suit our customers needs.

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Our concept has been developed for many years, here a part of a steel building is on its way to the building site


A number of methods of assembly can be chosen, from prefabricated and assembled elements ex-works from our production, to the entire assembly on site of our supplied products. As the roof truss is fixed together on site, this means it takes up much less volume on the transport than other conventional type of buildings.
The structure can be erected by conventional methods using a crane, or by using our own unique method, hydraulic assembly.


This is normally a reinforced edge cement slab, where the means of attachment does not need to be embedded. Even concrete- blocks or plinths can be applicable. For further possible variations of buildings, accessories and foundations, please contact our sales people for further information. Via the menu on the left, you will find more information, such as technical information, the different product categories that we normally provide, and our reference project database.