Steel buildings

Sustainable construction

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Materials of nature

Our products are based on steel, a natural resource procured from nature as iron ore. Using steel in construction constitutes efficient usage of the earth’s natural resources since steel can be reused and recycled. Steel constructions are perhaps the construction system that is best adapted to the environment. 

No other building material offers such a high degree of recyclability, free from harmful substances and gas emissions, coupled with the ability to prevent damages due to humidity while still allowing full compliance with numerous technical and functional requirements.

Reuse and recycling

When a steel building is to be demolished, the steel frame can be disassembled. In some cases it is possible to reuse the components as they are or after some modification. Otherwise the recovered steel can be recycled by melting in steelworks and subsequently used in the production of new steel. Collection for recycling is highly organized and a large part of all produced steel originates from scrap metal, thus reducing environmental impact. The steel we buy will consist of approximately 20% recycled steel.

Read more about the environmental features of steel buildings from an EU perspective, including:
+ Sustainability and construction
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+ Design - taking charge early on
+ Construction - taking charge during construction
+ Use - environmental aspects during usage
+ End-of-life - recycling, etc.
+ Specifications of key issues - such as energy, transport, raw materials, emissions, indoor environment, etc.

Description and evaluation of building materials

Together with other companies in the construction industry, LLENTAB is working continuously to reduce the risks of harmful substances by phasing out such substances. BASTA [Building Material Assessment and Sound Housing] is a system we are working with in order make sustainable product choices possible. When producing steel products that are used in the construction of steel buildings, LLENTAB uses steel materials from some of the foremost suppliers in the industry. 

Steel frames, high-profile steel sheets and sandwich panels manufactured by Llentab are registered in the Swedish classification system Basta available at (read more about BASTA under Environmentally adapted construction).

The products are also evaluated in the “Building product evaluation” systems, and these evaluations are accessible at and upon request from LLENTAB.

LLENTAB´s Building product declarations to download:

Operation and Maintenance instructions for LLENTAB products: