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LLENTAB’s work on sustainability


Caring for the future

To us, sustainability means that everything we plan and carry out should be responsibly and sustainably designed and should be further developed within each area. Our ambition is that there should be sustainability involved in everything we do; from how we treat customers, partners and each other in the workplace to how we minimise the impact on the environment in our processes and contribute to the communities we operate in.

In its commitments, LLENTAB seeks to contribute to energy and resource efficiency during the entire life cycle of the project by building climate-smart steel buildings and manufacturing energy-efficient building components, while at the same time minimising the use of harmful substances. This means that the building is designed and constructed according to the environment it will be exposed to – and conversely will affect for a long period of time.

These are some of the areas we focus on:

For questions regarding the company’s work on sustainability, please contact:

Ann-Christin Bergman Quality & HSE manager

Tel: +4652 379 099 or +46767 677 606