Steel buildings

Our complete process

Our complete process briefly described

Our complete commitment enhances your freedom

The fact that we control and produce all input products - pillars, trusses, high profile, roof- and wall sheets, sandwich panels, purlins, and linings - enables a cost-efficient standard product that also allows customer-unique adaption and choices.

Having our own assembly department in-house also opens up for a higher service level and the possibility to meet specific demands.

At the other end of the process stands your ready steel building. A galvanized steel construction produced in an automatic and efficient plant. It is maintenance free and corrosion resistant. Easy to assemble, screw-by-screw, and also possible to disassemble.

And the price? Always fixed. No surprises. And yes, costs are an important matter, and we always try to keep them as low as possible. For example, many of our halls are built with our own developed hydraulic assembly, which secures the building process and saves time and money.