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LLENTAB AB in Kungshamn Sweden, headquarter of the LLENTAB Group

The LLENTAB Story - Realizing dreams through high-quality steel buildings

  The LLENTAB concept for steel buildings is widely acclaimed for its efficient construction, high quality, and adaptability to different needs and demands. A flexible choice for customers with visions; they tell us their dream, we materialize it with steel.

The story goes back to 1972 and in the middle of the events stands the Lindblad family. The beautiful surroundings of Bohuslän at the Swedish west coast play a leading part too. It is the environment and the spirit that has formed us into what we are today. Values like quality, trust, flexibility, and commitment come from our heritage. Now, they are built into every product we deliver.

Here we tell our story from a small construction company to a growing international group with subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine. A group where family, the Bohuslän nature and environment, and steel makes all the difference.